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Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or someone interested to find out about our fine College.

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TY Sept 2008


When we came back from our summer holidays we headed off to Carlingford Adventure Centre from the 1st of September until the 3rd. The trip was to help us start our Transition Year.

When we arrived we were split up into are rooms and then went for a walk with are class groups. That night we got tea and sandwiches. Everyone was really excited and looking forward to the next day.

The next morning we all went on different activities. Some people went rock-climbing, absailing, kayaking, obstacle courses etc. At night the teachers organised TY Factor, where each class group had to come up with a play or song within half an hour and then compete against the other classes. 4.2 were the winners. It was a really enjoyable night.

The next day we packed are bags and did some of the activities before leaving in the afternoon. We all had a great 3days and didn’t want to leave.  

The Show 2008: 

The show for 2008 is the musical HONK! It’s a modern version of the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. Mr Peter O'Driscoll is head of production for another year. Students auditioned for the main parts in early September. The second set of auditions was for for the dancing parts and also the chorus. Other students have partaken in set design, props, costumes and stage management. Some students preferred to take place in outside jobs such as front of house, on the night and also makeup and hair backstage. The first show will take place on Tuesday November 18th in on our school stage. We will also be performing the show for primary schools around the area. The show is still in preparation for the night and rehearsals are taking place nearly everyday and weekends too. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Tickets are on sale from the school - phone 8376080.


For the first few months of transition year, some classes do sailing or golfing.

At sailing you learn how to tack and jive. You learn all the parts on the boat, how to steer with the wind and set up the boat. Also how to sail. In golfing you learn how play golf. 

Friend ship weekJ

Each class had dedicated classes to talk about bullying in the school and how to address bullying. Each class made a class agreement that is in the hall. The year went out on a day out to the cinema and to a art gallery. 

Cinema – The year went to see the boy in the striped pyjamas in Cineworld. The movie was enjoyed by all. 

On the TY Educational Tour day we also visited the Hugh Lane Art Gallery on Parnell Square. This is one of the best art galleries on the north side of the city. We were given a task sheet to complete. We had to answer questions on paintings. We also did drawings of the paintings. 

RE Social Programme / Community Care J

The year is divided into smaller groups; each group is given a placement or project. The groups go to their placements or projects for 3 hours every Wednesday morning. Some of the placements are in Charity shops, Meals on Wheels, helping the elderly or helping in crèches. Some of the projects are The Dominicans DVD project, The stain glass window project and the churches project. There is also a press pack who visit and report on how each group is getting on.