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Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or someone interested to find out about our fine College.

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During  October Ms Serena Bryans visited 4.2 and presented the County & City enterprise Boards Enterprise programme . She returned in December to invite them to enter the Student Enterprise competition . Ms Sarah Bohan will visit the class in January and select 2 mini-companies to go forward to the Dublin finals in March.


Mr Michael Ward from Citigroup , visited 2.3 Business studies class during Autumn.
He presented  the Junior Achivement  'Economics of staying at school ' programme to them.ja_1.jpgja2.jpgja3.jpgja4.jpg

Business Department News
Dominican College
November 2010


DCU Junior Certificate Business Studies Awards

The purpose of this award is to give recognition and encouragement to the top 50 students in Dublin city and county who achieve the highest grades in Junior Certificate Business Studies each year . The scheme also aims to assist schools in nurturing the potential of students who demonstrate aptitude for business at Junior Certificate level.
On Tuesday evening December 7th 2010 the winning students, together with their parents and teachers, will be invited to an awards reception at DCU Business School , Glasnevin. In addition prizes will be awarded to the top three performers on the night.
The following students of Dominican College are among the top 50 achievers in Business Studies in the Junior Certificate Examination 2010 in Dublin City & County.
Congratulations & Well Done to:
Nabeeha Moollan
Eleanor O Brien
Aoife Horan
Ciara Dawson

DCU Leaving Certificate Business & Accounting Awards

In recognition of our strong relationship with DCU and building on their long tradition of educating our past pupils at third level - DCUBS has sponsored Awards for two students of Dominican College . The prizes are awarded to the students who achieve the highest mark in the Business or Accounting subjects at Higher Level in the Leaving Certificate Examinations. In order to be considered eligible for the prize, students are required to go on to pursue studies in the business area at third level.
Congratulations & Well Done to:
Niamh Hussey – Business Award
Jennifer O’ Connor – Accounting Award

Both students are now studying business in DCU.
Professor Barbara Flood of DCU will visit the school in the coming weeks to present the students with their certificates and  prizes.

DIT 5th Year Leaving Certificate Course Awards

In order to encourage students to take further studies in the business area ,DIT College of Business Aungier Street has sponsored an award for the top 5th year student performers of Accounting or Business in their Summer Exams in Dominican College.
Congratulations and Well Done to:
Business Class Winners:                                            Accounting Joint Winners:
Meadhbh Murtagh                                                      Emma O’ Donnell
Shauna Walls                                                              Ashling McDonagh
Stephanie Fagan
DIT will visit the school on Monday 15th November to present the students with their certificates and prizes.


 Welcome to the Webpage of the Dominican College Secondary School Library.

Librarian: Mrs Kealy.

Drop Everything and Read - A great week encouraging Literacy where everyone in the school (Staff and students) reads for one class period a day. Books can be borrowed from the Library or brought into school.

We would encourage all staff and students to borrow books the week beforehand.

Planned for 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 27th and 28th September.

All our 16 IPads are now updated to IOS 7.2 and are available for use in the Library except at lunchtime.


Book Reviews:

Book Name Reviewer Date 
The Real Rebecca, by Anna Carey                        Sophia Graham (1.1)                 14/05/12
Charmed Life, by Diana Wynne Jones Sarah Owens (4.4) 01/06/13
 Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott Sarah Owens (4.4) 01/06/13
The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott Sarah Owens (4.4) 01/06/13

The Name of This Book is Secret, by  Pseudonymous Bosch         

Sarah Owens (4.4) 01/06/13


Aims of the Library

To support the curriculum and the work of both teachers and students 

To promote reading and researching for pleasure and information both electronically and in hard copy format 

To ensure students learn how to use the library enabling them to become independent researchers

Dominican College’s school library stocks thousands of books, but may not always meet everyone’s needs. In this case, the librarian may encourage and help to search for a publication in a local library. The Dublin City Libraries have websites that can be accessed from any internet site.

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday 08.30 to 15.40 and Friday 08:30 to 13:00 during the school year.
Supervised Study is facilitated for students in the library from Monday to Thursday: 16.00 to 18.10.

Library Resources

World Book Encyclopaedia is available online

Encyclopaedia Brittanica is also available online

Irish Times Archive available Online

Books & Audio Books for loan, fiction and information

Daily Newspaper - Irish Times on display every day

Music Library sound recordings for loan and for listening in the library

Reference Library Dictionaries , Language Dictionaries, Thesaurus...etc

Four desktop computers for project work

Printing facility at 10 cents a page to cover cost of paper and ink 

Journals/Magazines - a selection covering topics of general and school related interest  (History Ireland, BBC History Magazine and National Geographic) are all available and are fully indexed in the catalogue

Library and Information Skills Classes
Library skills are particularly emphasised during 1st Year students’ reading classes when they first enter the school. 

All 1st Year students receive a class talk and demonstration by the librarian on how to use the library and the facilities available.

New members of staff are offered an induction course to the library and its facilities.

Notice board, at entrance to the library, promotes competitions, cultural events and other items of interest. 

What’s New in the Library?
Scrabble, Chess and Draughts at lunchtime with Mr. McGowne.
  Lunchtime is the perfect time for relaxing with friends or just a winding down on a rainy day. 
World Book Encyclopaedia is available online.
Encyclopaedia Brittanica is available online.
Irish Times Online Archive is also available online
• Book Reviews:
Write a book review of your favourite book. Book reviews will be typed up and put on the inside cover of the book for friends and other readers to see. Reviews will also be published on the school website. Just hand in completed reviews (about two paragraphs) to the librarian when returning the book.

Policy for Book Selection for the Library
The library aims to provide a wide range of books, both fiction and non fiction; books that will educate, extend, and entertain the readers and books that view the world from a number of different perspectives through the medium of prose and poetry. A wide range of fiction and non-fiction books are offered. The library caters for an age group (12-19 year olds) that passes through enormous changes; physically, intellectually and emotionally in the years in secondary school. Students are encouraged to read as widely as possible. However some books are only available to more senior students depending on their content. Parents, as the primary educators, are advised to discuss reading matter with their children.

Fiction Collection
The best of modern English language fiction both of a literary and of a more popular nature is considered for purchase. More ‘light weight’ fiction is also included to encourage reluctant readers to read and also to provide entertainment and relaxation.

The selection process takes the following into consideration:
• Reviews in newspapers and journals
• Browsing in book shops and other libraries
• Suggestions from students and staff
• Ensuring that differing reading tastes are catered for
• The collection is balanced between books for the various age groups between literary and more popular books

Individual books are considered using the following criteria:
• Appearance – is it attractive?
• Plot – are the concerns of the book relevant or appropriate to the readers?
• Language – does the language seem genuine for the characters in the book?
• Does the book stimulate readers to ask questions about themselves and the world around them?

Non-fiction Collection
The non-fiction collection in the library serves two purposes
• It supports the curriculum.
• It provides leisure reading – general interest and hobbies.

The selection process takes the following factors into consideration:
• Reviews in newspapers and journal
• Browsing in bookshops and other libraries
• Suggestions from students and staff
• Ensuring that differing reading tastes are catered for in the collection
• The collection caters for the various age groups that use the library
• Identifying gaps in the collection
• Syllabi and teaching guides for individual subject areas

Individual books are considered using the following criteria:
• Appearance – is it attractive?
• Are the illustrations clear and do they support the text?
• Is the level of difficulty appropriate to the age group that it caters for?
• Is the information accurate and up-to-date?
• Is the information easily located – index, table of contents, glossaries etc?

The above criteria for selection of fiction and non-fiction apply both to the new acquisitions, to the present library stock and to any donations made to the library. Donations to the library are very welcome on the clear understanding that they will be treated like any other library material and will be subject to the same selection criteria.
Donations from 6th Year students are particularly welcome as the students enter a new phase of life after school.
All donations are:
• integrated into the library collection
• sold and the proceeds used to buy new stock
• donated to charity or recycled.

Dublin City Libraries at our request are now donating excess fiction and non-fiction books to our library (since 2013). This is an indirect way of accdessing government budget funding and is a very welcome development.

Rules for Internet Use in the Library
Internet use in the school library is for school research purposes only.
• Students must ask a teacher for a note in their journals to allow them to use a computer, even at lunchtime, and explain the purpose of using it
• Students must sign in to the Computer Book at the library desk.
• Printing is permitted at 10 cents a page which pays for paper and ink.
• Users may not alter any settings on the computers.

Library Loan Policy
Standard Loans (14) days
Two books may be borrowed at one time for a two week period. Books may be renewed as long as no one else requires them. Books must be returned to be renewed.

DVDs may be borrowed by paying a deposit of €3 euro. They must be returned before 08.40 the next morning and €2 is returned to the borrower.

Reference Material
Reference material can only be used in the library.

Members of staff may borrow items for a discretionary period agreed with the librarian.

Sanctions and Fines
• Overdue notices are sent out periodically to all the tutors who will remind each student to return her book(s) to the library.
• Unforeseen or unusual circumstances which may have prevented the student returning the book are always taken in to consideration.
• It is the librarian’s utmost mission to preserve the library’s collection. Please always return a book even if it is late.
• We rely on a policy of trust in keeping with the school ethos so we trust library users to bring books back. 


Remember never to take a book out of the library without going through the library computerised lending system at the desk.

• 10 cents for each weekday that a book is overdue will be charged.
• As a rule, students are asked to replace the cost of a lost book.
• Individual circumstances are always taken into consideration.
• Students may receive marks in their school journals for having overdue books, particularly if it is a repeated offence.

Library Rules
• Quiet and co-operative behaviour is expected at all times. Noisy/disruptive behaviour is unfair on students who wish to study or read.
• Check out ALL library materials at the desk otherwise they cannot be traced.
• Do not deface any books or furniture in the library.
• Some new games have now been provided in the library for lunchtime use. It is important to remain quiet playing these games out of consideration for other students who are reading or studying nearby.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the library.

Ms. Kealy, Librarian, Dominican College























TY Business

During TY Mini-Company students are organised into mini-companies.
The students then go through the various stages involved in establishing and running an enterprise of their own..
Forming a company
Generating a Business idea.
Market research
Costing & Pricing

Maths Brain Teasers

Q1 Which of these contain the most triangles and how many?

Q2 Which is the odd one out and why ?