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Lonely Hearts - Success Stories...

A long time ago, in a castle on a far away mountain, lived a fat, old, rich miser, Sir Frederick Buckelton the 3rd. Sir Frederick had three daughters, Minerva, Constantina and Annarana, whom he had his butler, Jerkins, greatly overprotect.

One day Sir Frederick decided it was time for his daughters to be married off. He placed an advertisement in the lonely hearts page of the local free newspaper looking for suitable suitors to keep his daughters in place. Three weeks later he held open auditions to find his final line up. Out of seven who turned up, Sir Frederick thought five of them would be suitable for the job. Their names were Billy, Bob, Joe, John and Philip.

Sir Frederick himself could not choose between the men, so he lived Simon Cowell to do the job for him. Unfortunately Simon considered them all "utterly appalling" so the job returned to Frederick. He decided to set the men a task. He hid three gold plated rings in a magical maze and the three successful would win his daughters.

So Billy, Bob, Joe, John and Philip all set out for the maze. They entered it together and soon went their separate ways.

As Billy walked along a lonely path he was met with two prancing chocolate chip muffins. His task was to dance the Walls of Limerick while reciting the alphabet backwards in Latin. Unfortunately Billy was illiterate so failed miserably.

As Bob walked down his lane whistling his favourite tune "I every woman" he met a large snail who invited him for a spot tennis. Bob coincidently had his tennis with him (because after all it is a fairy tale) and joined in. Bob was no great shakes at tennis but still the snail wasn't any competition for him. So Bob was the first to get a ring.

Joe was wandering along his path for ages before he came across an enormous furry spider who challenged him to a battle with home made
Italian bread sticks. It was a close call but Joe managed to defeat the spider by tickling him. The second ring was uncovered.

All that walking got too much for poor John who decided to take a little nap along the side of the path. Later he was awoken by two penguins nibbling at his toes. John couldn't escape so the flesh eating penguins devoured him. Tragic, we know, but true.

Philip, the last of our contenders, somehow managed to get a bit lost in the magical maze so he raised a red flag he found along the path and screamed for help. Sir Frederick came to his rescue and since two of the men had already failed Philip succeeded anyway.

Three weeks later Bob, Joe and Philip married Sir Frederick daughters in the same church at the same time - there was a three for one discount!

They all lived happily (and cheaply!) ever after!

The End

Love At First Sight

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, there lived a King and a Queen. They had a young daughter named Rosa. One day Rosa went for a walk with her puppy. By accident they wandered into the "enchanted forest". Suddenly a leprechaun jumped out of a tree. He introduced himself as Paddy. Paddy had all green clothes on and on his head was a little green hat with a shamrock sticking out of it.

The leprechaun fell in love with Rosa at first sight. Rosa didn't feel the same way about Paddy. When she refused to marry the leprechaun he went into rage and disappeared back into his tree.

A few weeks later a handsome prince arrived at the village. He had heard that a princess lived in the area and he wanted to find her. His name was Robert. When they saw each other they fell in love instantly. They decided to get married. When the leprechaun heard the news he was heartbroken and outraged. He decided to find the young prince Robert and abduct him.

The leprechaun told the princess that if she didn't marry him in 24 hours the prince would be turned into a tree. The princess begged the leprechaun to let him go but evil Paddy refused.

During the night the princess decided to take action. She went into the forest and found Paddy's tree. She found the leprechaun asleep. His arms were wrapped around a massive pot of gold. Rosa went into a little room and found Prince Robert in a cage in fear. They were relieved to see each other. The princess told Robert that she would find the keys to his cage.

On a belt around Paddy's waist there was a ring of keys. Rosa bent down beside him to get to his level and she pried the keys off Paddy. Paddy slept on while this was happening. Rosa ran to her true love and released him.

Just as they were about to leave, Paddy awoke, "STOP!!" he cried in anger. The couple fled for lives. The leprechaun chased after them. Suddenly they reached a circular clearing. There were odd little hills scattered around. The prince and the princess stopped. The leprechaun reached the middle of the clearing and froze with a look of fear on his face. Suddenly little fairies started coming out of the little hills. There were hundreds of them.

The fairies surrounded Paddy and the wind started blowing. It got harder and harder. The fairies were circling him and chanting. At this stage the wind was howling. Suddenly, there was a huge flash of smoke and sparks!!

When the smoke cleared the couple opened their eyes and looked around. All the fairies and little hills had disappeared. All that remained was a little pile of green dust with a little green shamrock hat on top. Rosa and Robert looked at each other in amazement. They were shocked but happy. They went towards home and were content. They lived happily ever after.


Laura Stephens
Hannah Stynes

The Shining Green Shoes

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a beautiful princess called Gill. She lived in a castle on top of a hill over looking a quiet bay. She lived with her father King James.

Gill's birthday was only one day away and not a word had been said about it. In two hours she would be sixteen but nobody seemed to care. On her way to bed she said good night to her father but he hardly acknowledged her. `

As Gill lay in bed she heard the clock strike twelve, she was now sixteen. Suddenly, tumbling in the window came a little green fairy. She jumped up onto the bed and smiled at the princess "Happy Birthday" she said "My name is Magical Maeve". Gill was awestruck "What are you doing here?" Magical Maeve said a few words of a spell and out of nowhere appeared a magnificent pair of shinning green shoes "For your birthday of course, you silly Billy!" "Here is your pressie" and she slipped the slippers on Gill's feet. "That's not all, these are not just any ordinary shoes, they're magical, if you stamp your feet three times saying MOO! OINK! MEOW!" you will be granted three wishes!

Gill thanked Magical Maeve and with a puff of smoke she was gone. Gill sat on her bed thinking about what she could wish for. Suddenly it all came to her she could wish for an adventure, she would surly have lots of fun on her birthday. So she jumped up off her bed, stamped her feet three times and said in a loud voice "MOO! OINK! MEOW!" and she wished as hard as she could. After an hour or so she was fed up waiting and went to sleep.
Gill woke up with an unusual feeling inside her, she opened her eyes. Standing above her was a small, round man. He was wearing a patch over his left eye and a sword hung from his belt. Princess Gill felt afraid "Where am I? Is this my adventure?" she asked the strange man "Listen mate" he answered roughly "I haven't got time for this, we have work to do, now help me hoist the sails!" and with that he stormed out of the room.
Getting out of her hard, wooden bed she realised she was on a ship. In a flash she was up on deck and ready to find out what her adventure was all about. While she was helping the pirate, all the other pirates were laughing at her with beers in their hands. Gill was very frightened; this was not the adventure she had hoped for! As the day went on Gill began to wonder weather she should use her second wish to get her home but then she discovered she was not the only person on board who was being bullied by the horrible pirates. As she scrubbed the deck she saw three of the pirates threaten a very handsome, young guy with a sword. The young pirate wasn't like the rest of the scallywag, he was kind and didn't laugh at her. At dinner Gill sat alone with only a piece of bread but the young pirate sat beside her and said "Hi, my name is Chris, would you like to share my dinner?" Gill immediately fell in love with him. That night Gill told Chris about her magic shoes and so they decided to wish their way home.

They held hands and wished to go home but just then two ugly pirates grabbed their legs. "MOO! OINK! MEOW!" Screamed Gill and she wished the pirates would disappear. In a flash the pirates were gone. "Now we can go home" said Gill and she wished again but this time it didn't happen.

Maeve Tannam
Gillian Treacy

The Talking Dog

Once upon a time, lived a talking dog called Molly. She lived in an enchanted forest. She was very lonely. Nobody in the village surrounding the forest liked her. They had heard horrible stories about her. (None of them were true:) They thought she was a fierce dog.

One day a woodcutter called Billy-Joe was walking through the forest. When suddenly he heard what sounded like a dog howling in pain. He followed the cries, and then he found Molly. Her mouth was all swollen, and he noticed one of her teeth was rotten. So he went over to her, and pulled the rotten tooth out for her. Molly let out a loud yelp! Then she backed away from him. Billy-Joe gave her a kind smile; she reproached him and licked his hand.

Molly looked at him and said "Thank you very much! I will grant you one wish, anything you want". Billy-Joe was so happy: he said "I will accept your offer". "I wish I found the woman of my dreams".

Princess's came from far and wide, and kings offering their daughters hand in marriage. But Billy-Joe didn't love any of them.

One night Billy-Joe was talking to Molly and said to her "Princess's have come from far and wide offering their hand in marriage, but yet I do not love any of them". "If only you were a princess I would marry you". He kissed her on the nose and said thank you to her. Suddenly! Just after Billy kissed her on the nose, a big gust of wind surrounded Molly swirling around her in all different colours.
Billy stepped back and watched in amazement.

The wind slowly vanished. Billy looked up at Molly. He couldn't believe what he saw; he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. Molly turned into the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was wearing a sky blue dress and it was all sparkly. Billy didn't know what to say? "How? What??...huh???" Molly looked at him and smiled "your wish is granted". Molly explained to him what had happened to her, as a child she messing around with her father's spell book. Molly said the wrong spell and turned into a dog. To break the spell she needed someone who loved her and cared for her to break the spell. Billy looked at her and asked her to marry him. Molly said "yes"! So………..

Three days later Billy and Molly got married in the old church down the round. They went away on their honeymoon to Sugar Plum Island.


Ping and Pongs' Great Adventure!

Once upon a time in Happy Town Village, there was a big festival on. All the V.I.P's and special Elves, Umpa-Lumpas and Pixies were invited except for The Wicked Witch who lived on the other side of Marshmallow Lake. She was wicked and cruel and was a big meanie! She had formed alliance with Gollum and his evil goblin tribes, therefore nobody liked her because the Goblin tribes kept trying to attack Happy Town Village!

Everyone was enjoying themselves on this fine sunny day, especially Ping and Pong (who were the mischief makers of the town!) They decided to sneak into the bakery and 'fill up' on cakes! While they were inside, they heard a "strange sound!". They grabbed more cakes and rushed outside only to see the Wicked Witch flying away after turning all the Happy Town Villagers into frogs!!!! They were shocked!! After taking a minute to recover from their shock, they decided to take action and find The Wicked Witch and make her turn all the Elves, Umpa-Lumpas and Pixies back to their original state.

So they began the journey to complete their task. They walked through the Enchanted Forest. They were frightened by all the unusual noises, but they were determined to fulfil their task! When they came out of Forest, they headed towards the Lake. While looking for a way to cross it, their friend Ariel emerged out of the sticky, pink, marshmallow goo! She agreed to help them cross the Lake. So Ping and Pong jumped on her back and she swam towards The Wicked Witch's castle on the other side of Marshmallow Lake. As they approached the castle, they saw the goblin army surrounding it! They realised that the only way in, was to compromise with Gollum. They found him, had a long conversation with him and finally agreed to give him The Golden Ring in return for entrance into the evil castle!!

They dashed upstairs and grabbed a big huge bucket and filled it with water. They sneaked up behind The Wicked Witch and threw it over her head!! She screamed and yelled in pain, but it only took her a minute to realise that she was not melting, she was just wet!! At that stage Ping and Pong had grabbed the magic potion she was brewing, the potion that could save everyone in Happy Town Village.
By the time The Witch had ran down the stairs, Ping and Pong were half way across the lake on Ariel's back.

They ran courageously through the Enchanted Forest, they past the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs and straight into Happy Town Village. They gathered all the Elves, Umpa-Lumpas and Pixies together and poured the potion over them. There was a puff of smoke and when the smoke cleared, everyone had turned back to their original state!! They all cheered for Ping and Pong. Today, Ping and Pong work together to protect Happy Town Village against the forces of crime and evil and are mischief makers no more!!

This story was created by:
Denise Ryan and Laura Mc Dunphy.