Home Economics

Home Economics


Home Economics has a direct relevance to the present and future life of every young person.

Its purpose is to equip young people in certain important skills for living as individuals and of establishing and developing a stable environment for their families. It encompasses studies of many of the processes, which are necessary for day to day living.

The main areas focus on:

The syllabus is offered at two levels, Ordinary and Higher.

One optional study will be chosen from the following three areas.

Emphasis throughout the course is on management, creativity and living skills. This is to ensure that the young person taking the course will be equipped for the personal independence and be able to take shared responsibility in the household and community in which she lives.

TY Home Economics:
Cooking in Home-Ec in TY gives students a chance to learn skills that would not be used in a classroom environment. Some of the cooking is based on modules in the Home-Ec course like making a Starter, Main Course and Dessert that fit the healthy eating guidelines. Other types of cooking we do are based on special occasions eg. Halloween and Christmas where we did pumpkin carving and pumpkin soup, and also Christmas chocolate yule log, shortbread, and mince pies. In the New Year, the classes are also taking part in the ‘Take Away My Way’ competition, where we chose a dish from the take away and try to make it cheaper and healthier.
By Michelle Hayden 4. 2

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