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Safety Policy

Board of Management Philosophy
The Board of Management recognises and accepts not only its statutory responsibilities but also its obligations as an employer to direct, manage and achieve in so far as is reasonably possible, the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work of every employee, student and visitors alike. The Board of Management believes that each employee, student, and visitor accepts his or her legal and moral responsibilities for improving and maintaining Safety, Health and Welfare in the workplace and for behaviour which does not jeopardise the individual's personal Safety, Health and Welfare or that of others.
This policy has been prepared in accordance with the Fire Service Act 1981 and associated legislation, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1993, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Chemical Agents) Regulations 1991 and the Safety, Health and Welfare (Miscellaneous Welfare Provisions) Regulations, 1995.

Benefits of a Policy
The benefit of having this written policy is to act as a reference document for staff, students and visitors.

Safety is a line management responsibility. Each member of staff is responsible for safety in their own area/s and for the implementation of relevant safety procedures. This includes the instruction and training of students in these areas. The Safety Officer shall monitor safety generally and the operation of safety procedures. The Principal shall ensure that in the interest of the operation of correct safety procedures each staff member will be given a copy of the Health and Safety Policy and shall be familiar with its contents.

The Board of Management has approved the appointment (under the provisions of the Safety, Health And Welfare Act, 1989) of  Ms Claire Butler  Principal, as Safety Officer. The Safety Officer will be responsible for overseeing the safety provision on behalf of the college.
The Board of Management has appointed (under the provision of the Safety, Health And Welfare Act, 1989) Ms. Carol Clancy Pitcher as the Safety Representative.
They should be consulted, as appropriate, if any of the employees have queries regarding any of the safety provisions mentioned in this statement.

Their main duties and responsibilities are as follows:-
(a) To guide and advise on all health, safety and welfare matters
(b) To ensure that the College fulfils all statutory requirements in respect of the above Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts.
(c) To ensure that the appropriate safety education and training are provided using both in-house and external resources.
(d) To undertake regular and appropriate revision and auditing of all safety procedures and to ensure that they are kept up to date.
(e) To ensure that adequate fire protection and prevention measures are provided.
(f) The Safety Officer shall investigate all accidents and dangerous occurrences, and shall ensure that an accurate record is kept of all such incidents. Causes of accidents shall be determined as far as practical and where appropriate, remedial action shall be specified.

The following hazards (in as much as can be identified) are considered by the college to be a source of potential danger and are brought to the attention of all concerned:
(i) Main ESB Meter Room, all Power Distribution Boards and Boiler Houses
(ii) General Kitchens, Windows and Toilet Areas
(iii) The following classrooms: Art Rooms, Cookery Kitchens, Computer Room, Demonstration Room, Dress Design Room, Gym, Hall and Drama Room, Music Room, Oratory, Science Rooms and all their fittings and equipment.
(iv) AV Room
(v) Office equipment: photocopiers, paper shredders, guillotines
(v) Machines for Cleaning and Maintenance
(vi) All computers and VDUs
(vii) Fire extinguishers
(vii). Trailing Leads; Low level seating;
(viii). Floor mats, ladders, broken furniture/fittings, school & other bags left in passages in classrooms, on corridors and in staff areas.
(ix). Chemicals in all areas
(xii). Kettles in all areas
(xiii). Lack of order on corridors
(xiv) Obstructions at gateway restricting access
(xv). Cars /car park
(xvi). Extra curricular activities

To minimise these dangers the following safety/protective measures must be adhered to:-
(a) Limiting access to and operation of plant/equipment to qualified members of staff whose job function is that of running, maintaining, cleaning or monitoring itmes of plant in course of normal duties.
(b) In addition, all such plant and machinery is to be used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.
(c) Where applicable, members of staff will be instructed in the correct use of plant, machinery and equipment.
(d) All machinery and electrical equipment to be fitted with adequate safeguards.
(e) Precautionary notices, in respect of safety matters are displayed at relevant points.
(f) Notices of slippery floor surfaces to be displayed where appropriate.
(g) Emulsion polish with non-slip properties to be used.
(h) Employees and students are advised to wear shoes with non-slip soles and heels.
(i) To ensure the continued welfare of employees/students, toilet and cloakroom facilities are provided. Staff/students must co-operate in maintaining a high standard of hygiene in these areas.
(j) Members of staff using chemicals, solvents, detergents, copier toner, etc. should familiarise themselves with any hazards associated with the materials and precautions which should be taken in the event of spillage, splashes etc.
(k) Maps of all fire exits should be provided in each place of assembly - classrooms, staffrooms, offices etc.

All staff members will be:
(a) Instructed in lifting and handling methods where relevant.
(b) Advised of the protective clothing and safety equipment available and the areas where they must be worn.
(c) Advised of the nature and location of fire equipment and how it is safely operated. Training courses will be provided for all staff when required.
(d) Notified of any changes in safety policy and procedures

Arrangements will be made for all electrical appliances to be checked when appropriate. Before using any appliance the user should check that:
- All safety guards which are a normal part of the appliance are fitted and in working order
- Power supply cables/leads are intact and free of cuts or abrasions
- Suitable undamaged fused plug tops are used and fitted with the correct fuse.

Safety data sheets are supplied with all such materials. Members of staff using these materials will familiarise themselves with the hazards associated with the materials and precautions to be taken in event of spillage, splashes etc. Disposal of above materials is to be carried out following the appropriate recommended guidelines.

To ensure the continued welfare of employees, kitchen, toilet and cloakroom areas are provided. Staff and students must co-operate in maintaining a high standard of hygiene in these areas.
All members of staff will note that:-
(a) Any person who is under medical supervision or on prescribed medication and who has been certified fit for work, should notify the Principal of any known side effects or temporary physical disabilities which could hinder their work performance and which may be a danger to either themselves or their fellow workers or pupils.
(b) Illicit drugs and alcohol: staff, students and visitors are not allowed to attend the premises or carry out duties whilst under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. Any person found doing so will be requested to vacate the premises.
(c) In the interest of the welfare of both staff and students it is advised that social occasions outside of school where alcohol is involved should be avoided.
(d) To support the welfare of staff occasional inputs on e.g. stress, conflict management, will provided.
(e) First Aid box(es) will be provided in the Secretary's Office and key areas to deal with minor injuries.
(f) Smoking is forbidden on the premises and grounds.

Day-today fire management in the College will be designated to the person holding the post of Health and Safety Officer.
This person will:
(a) Appoint Fire Marshals for each section of the College.
(b) Organise training for Management and Staff.
(c) Organise regular Fire Drills.
(d) Fulfil all statutory obligations regarding the provision and maintenance of fire protection equipment
(e) Draft and co-ordinate a pre-fire plan for the College
(f) Ensure the effective use of escape routes at all times

General fire prevention requirements are carried out as followed
(a) Fire extinguishers are provided and correctly sited to meet statutory and insurance requirements.
(b) All fire fighting equipment is regularly tested and serviced by specialised contractors.
(c) All fire exits and emergency paths are marked using the standard symbols.
(d) Fire Drill will be held during the school year.
(e) Fire safety inspections and analyses of potential fire hazards are carried out on a regular basis
(f) An evacuation procedure is in place and the attention of each staff member, students and visitors drawn to it. These individuals must familarise themselves with these procedures so that fast and effective evacuation of the premises can be accomplished in the event of an emergency.

In line with National legislation, 2004, the whole school building, field and gym are smoke free zones.

The attention of staff members is drawn to the following duties of persons employed as laid down in Section 9 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989.
"1. It shall be the duty of every staff member while at work:
(a) to take reasonable care for his/her own safety, health and welfare and that of any person who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions while at work;
(b) to co-operate with his/her employer and any other person to such an extent as will enable his/her employer or the other person to comply with any of the relevant statutory provisions;
(c) to use in such manner and so as to provide the protection intended, any suitable appliance, protective clothing, convenience, equipment or other means or thing provided (whether for his/her use alone or for use by him/her in common with others) for securing his/her safety, health or welfare of which he/she becomes aware.
2. No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse any appliance, protective clothing, convenience, equipment or other means or thing provided in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions or otherwise for securing the safety, health or welfare of persons arising out of work activities."

The Board of Management expects total compliance with the above from all members of staff.

All accidents/incidents no matter how trivial, whether to employees, students or members of the public must be reported as appropriate and written into the Accident Report Book which will be retained for recording all accidents in the College and will be available fro such reports and for inspection by the Safety Officer. This is necessary to monitor the progress of safety standards and to ensure that proper medical attention is given where required. The Accident Report Book will be retained in the Principal's Office.

The aim of the Board of Management/Manager is to provide a healthy and safe working environment. This can be achieved with the help and assistance of all staff members and students by -
(a) Observing the general rules of safety
(b) Using all plant, machinery and equipment in a safe and proper manner
(c) Employing the proper procedures when carrying out tasks and ensuring that no practices are used which may act as a source of danger to themselves and/or others.
(d) Keeping work areas clean and tidy at all times.
(e) Making sure all corridors and passageways, particularly those leading to escape routes, are kept free of obstructions at all times. Taking care that fire points are not blocked or covered up in any way and that they are ready for use if the need arises. Staff and students will be reminded of this frequently by the Safety Officer.

This Health and Safety Policy has been prepared based on conditions existing in the premises of the College at the time of writing. It will be altered, revised/updated as appropriate so as to comply with any changes in conditions/legislation.

11th December 2006 Revised 2008:

Dominican College, 204 Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9.