Preliminary Evaluation Of Multimedia Courseware

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URL: _______________________________________________

Useful for:


Preliminary Evaluation:

Circle the comment Yes / No / Not Applicable.
(Some of the questions are not suited to both websites and CD-ROMs).

Is the information appropriate to your audience? Yes No Not Applicable

Is the content accurate? Yes / No / Not Applicable

Is the content presented in a logical manner? Yes / No / Not Applicable

Is the navigation intuitive? Yes / No / Not Applicable
(Is it easy to find your way around)

Does the page take a long time to download? Yes / No / Not Applicable

Is it easy to install? Yes / No / Not Applicable

Looking at all the preliminary evidence collected, does the multimedia courseware warrant further investigation as to its suitability?

Yes / No

If Yes, please proceed with the more detailed evaluation which follows.
If No, it is recommended that you locate another website and/or CD-ROM which will better suit your requirements.

Evaluating Multimedia Courseware


Accuracy Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory

Depth of Content
(i.e. level of detail)

Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory
  Purpose of Multimedia
(i.e.Graphics/Audio/Video need to be integrated properly with the content to be effective)
Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory
  Structure of Content
(i.e. Easy to follow and logical)
Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory
(Is the content correct and up-to-date)
Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory

Student Engagement

Promotion of Learning
(i.e. Does the design and style enhance the learning process?)
Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory
  Appropriate Interactivity
(i.e. Do the interactivity components have an educational value?)
Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory
  Useful links to other pages/sites
Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory
  Clarity of Presentation
(i.e. Is it uncluttered and attractive to use?)
Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory
(i.e. The use of consistent prompts such as back/forward buttons and Help facilities)
Excellent Good Poor Unsatisfactory

 **Suggest PDF

To Determine Rating:

No. of Comments
Count the number of Excellent comments   x 3 points =  
Count the number of Good comments   x 3 points =  
Count the number of Poor comments   x 3 points =  
Count the number of Unsatisfactory comments   x 3 points =  

Total of Subtotals =

Count the number of Excellent comments
x 3 points =



Comparitive Analysis:

24 – 30 points: An excellent resource, which can be of benefit to our intended audience.


17 – 23 points: This resource has good material but students will need assistance in reaching instructional goals.


0 - 16 points: Unsatisfactory for our educational purposes.