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Once Upon A Time In Cherry-Ville

Once upon a time there lived a Princess who lived in an amazing town called Cherry-Ville. The Princess was very upset because in two days time it would be her 'sweet sixteenth'. The problem was that on her special day (which happened to be National Cherry Day), her father, the King, arranged for her to be married to the Great Prince of Berry-Ville.

What bothered her was, she was in love with a leprechaun called Paddy, who she met at the edge of Cherry-Ville, near where the world's best cherries in the world were grown. The Princess met him a few days ago. She knew if she told her father he would throw her into the rotten cherries and leave her for death. Since she had met Paddy, she was meeting him in secret daily.

He was a very wealthy leprechaun who had many pots of gold. She brought him a big bunch of cherries in exchange for a pot of gold. Paddy was very pleased with the cherries and she wasn't surprised. She told him that they were the best 'Cherries in the World'. Paddy disagreed. The Princess was disgusted and no longer loved Paddy. He told her to let him take her to where the best cherries in the world really grew.

They took his rainbow to a far away place. It was a very short journey but it was very far away. She tasted the cherries and got very upset at how good the cherries tasted. She knew that no-one from Cherry-Ville could find out about these great cherries, so she decided to come up with a plan…

She thought and thought and finally something came to her.

The only people who knew about these cherries were Paddy and his brother Pat, so in order for no one to find out about the cherries she decided she would have to kill the brothers. She decided to give them a wash…

She got them both by their little tiny feet and threw them into a washing machine. She took his rainbow back to Cherry-Ville as well his gold. When she got back she started to get ready for her wedding! The next day she got married to the Great Prince of Berry-Ville and lived happily ever after.

By Libera Toselli and Caroline Mc Namara