Love At First Sight

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, there lived a King and a Queen. They had a young daughter named Rosa. One day Rosa went for a walk with her puppy. By accident they wandered into the "enchanted forest". Suddenly a leprechaun jumped out of a tree. He introduced himself as Paddy. Paddy had all green clothes on and on his head was a little green hat with a shamrock sticking out of it.

The leprechaun fell in love with Rosa at first sight. Rosa didn't feel the same way about Paddy. When she refused to marry the leprechaun he went into rage and disappeared back into his tree.

A few weeks later a handsome prince arrived at the village. He had heard that a princess lived in the area and he wanted to find her. His name was Robert. When they saw each other they fell in love instantly. They decided to get married. When the leprechaun heard the news he was heartbroken and outraged. He decided to find the young prince Robert and abduct him.

The leprechaun told the princess that if she didn't marry him in 24 hours the prince would be turned into a tree. The princess begged the leprechaun to let him go but evil Paddy refused.

During the night the princess decided to take action. She went into the forest and found Paddy's tree. She found the leprechaun asleep. His arms were wrapped around a massive pot of gold. Rosa went into a little room and found Prince Robert in a cage in fear. They were relieved to see each other. The princess told Robert that she would find the keys to his cage.

On a belt around Paddy's waist there was a ring of keys. Rosa bent down beside him to get to his level and she pried the keys off Paddy. Paddy slept on while this was happening. Rosa ran to her true love and released him.

Just as they were about to leave, Paddy awoke, "STOP!!" he cried in anger. The couple fled for lives. The leprechaun chased after them. Suddenly they reached a circular clearing. There were odd little hills scattered around. The prince and the princess stopped. The leprechaun reached the middle of the clearing and froze with a look of fear on his face. Suddenly little fairies started coming out of the little hills. There were hundreds of them.

The fairies surrounded Paddy and the wind started blowing. It got harder and harder. The fairies were circling him and chanting. At this stage the wind was howling. Suddenly, there was a huge flash of smoke and sparks!!

When the smoke cleared the couple opened their eyes and looked around. All the fairies and little hills had disappeared. All that remained was a little pile of green dust with a little green shamrock hat on top. Rosa and Robert looked at each other in amazement. They were shocked but happy. They went towards home and were content. They lived happily ever after.


Laura Stephens
Hannah Stynes