The Talking Dog

Once upon a time, lived a talking dog called Molly. She lived in an enchanted forest. She was very lonely. Nobody in the village surrounding the forest liked her. They had heard horrible stories about her. (None of them were true:) They thought she was a fierce dog.

One day a woodcutter called Billy-Joe was walking through the forest. When suddenly he heard what sounded like a dog howling in pain. He followed the cries, and then he found Molly. Her mouth was all swollen, and he noticed one of her teeth was rotten. So he went over to her, and pulled the rotten tooth out for her. Molly let out a loud yelp! Then she backed away from him. Billy-Joe gave her a kind smile; she reproached him and licked his hand.

Molly looked at him and said "Thank you very much! I will grant you one wish, anything you want". Billy-Joe was so happy: he said "I will accept your offer". "I wish I found the woman of my dreams".

Princess's came from far and wide, and kings offering their daughters hand in marriage. But Billy-Joe didn't love any of them.

One night Billy-Joe was talking to Molly and said to her "Princess's have come from far and wide offering their hand in marriage, but yet I do not love any of them". "If only you were a princess I would marry you". He kissed her on the nose and said thank you to her. Suddenly! Just after Billy kissed her on the nose, a big gust of wind surrounded Molly swirling around her in all different colours.
Billy stepped back and watched in amazement.

The wind slowly vanished. Billy looked up at Molly. He couldn't believe what he saw; he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. Molly turned into the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was wearing a sky blue dress and it was all sparkly. Billy didn't know what to say? "How? What??...huh???" Molly looked at him and smiled "your wish is granted". Molly explained to him what had happened to her, as a child she messing around with her father's spell book. Molly said the wrong spell and turned into a dog. To break the spell she needed someone who loved her and cared for her to break the spell. Billy looked at her and asked her to marry him. Molly said "yes"! So………..

Three days later Billy and Molly got married in the old church down the round. They went away on their honeymoon to Sugar Plum Island.