Mizz Dominican - January 2003

The Student Council voted in a new executive council. They are:
Chairperson - Marian Stacey
Secretary - Sarah Mc Cormac
Members of the executive - Ciara Mulhair, Catherine Kelly, Sarah Quinn and Jennifer Cullen
Look at the Student Council's noticeboard outside the Library for all updates.

Parent-Teacher Meetings:

31/1/03 Friday Fifth Years Class finishes at mid-day

6/02/03 Thursday First Years Class finishes at mid-day

Mid Term is on Friday, 14th February, with class finishing at 12:35.

Students Vs Teachers Football Match (Thursday -16th January 2003):

After a serious lapse last year, the teachers team returned to form on Thursday to reclaim their crown as Supreme Champions of Dominican Football in a thrilling match played out in front of a capacity crowd of 200.
In what was always a competitive but fair game, it was the students who began with the lions share of early possession through great play by Suzanne Regan and Ella Mc Cabe. However they rarely threatened the goal of Ms. Forde and eventually the teacher's team began to settle, taking control of the game. It came as no surprise when the teacher's team took the lead half way through the first half when a long range shot from Mr. McDermott left Heather Byrne in the student's goal looking bewildered. With a strong display, the teachers surged forward and should have increased their lead before half time through efforts from Ms. Sheerin, Ms. Cooney and Mr. Breathnach. However, a combination of good goalkeeping and good defending by Francina Murphy and Tara Cooling meant that the students trailed by only one goal at half time.
The second-half began with the expected onslaught by the students and only superb work by Ms. Forde in the teacher's goal prevented the students from equalising. The teachers continued to press at the other end with determined play from Ms. O' Reilly and Ms. Gallagher, leading to a second goal from a free-kick from Mr. Mc Dermott.
Again the students kept their heads up and went close with efforts from Jane Horgan-Jones, Elle Mc Cabe, Rachel Quinn and Suzanne Regan but alas they could not find a way past Ms Forde.
The game was effectively ended when Mr. Breathnach added a third goal with five minutes to go.

The team line-ups:
Teachers: Ms. Forde, Mr. Breathnach, Ms. Sheerin, Ms. Gallagher, Mr. Mc Dermott, Ms. Cooney and Ms. O' Reilly.
Students: Heather Byrne, Francina Murphy, Ella Mc Cabe, Rachel Quinn, Jane Horgan-Jones, Tara Cooling and Suzanne Regan.

Congratulations to the girls who organised the event which raised €370 in aid of the 6th year yearbook and to the referee, Sorcha Turnbull, who had an excellent game.

Review of: The Lord of the rings part2: The Two towers

This is the second film from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Frodo and Samwise are getting closer and closer to the Fires of Murder where they must destroy the "One Ring." Along the way they are joined by Gollum aka Smegol who provides many laughs with his multi personalities.

Merry and Pippin meet a new friend in the form of a tree. The story mainly follows the adventure of Aragon, Legolas (an elf) and Gimli (a dwarf). They go to Helm's Deep to help defend the people of Rohan. Aragorn finds another admirer. Eowgn the niece of King Rohan. Has anyone else noticed that Legolas never runs out of arrows?

My favourite scenes include Legolas sliding down the steps during the fight at Helm's Deep. What lets the film down was that every time Frodo opened his mouth it was to say how much he loved Sam. For those of you who have read the book, do not make comparisons to the film as you will be disappointed. Appreciate the film for what it is, a very good film.

Author: Anonymous