Mizz Dominican - November 2002

Student of the Year:

In 2002, Dominican College Past Pupil's Union initiated an award to acknowledge academic achievement on the part of students in the school. It was proposed to confer the prize annually, on the student who achieved the highest grades in the Leaving Certificate examination. The presentation of the award would take place at the annual Past Pupils' Lunch in June.

This year the recipient of the award was Yvonne Touhy, 6.1, 2001-2002. Yvonne achieved seven honours in her Leaving Certificate; four A1s, two A2s and one B3. She is currently studying for a degree in Business and Languages at Dublin City University. During her six years in Dominican College, Yvonne played a very active part in school life. She was also a Prefect with the responsibility for a First Year class.

A gifted singer, Yvonne participated in all the school's musicals. We wish her every success in her college examinations and her future career.



Lise Ann O'Neill, Katie Collins, Sarah Mc Gearghy and their partners from Wesley College, Andrew, Stuart and Xim won the U/19 Mixed Leinster Schools Badminton competition in Baldoyle. Congratulations to all to the girls (and boys). They get to keep the trophy for six months and then hand it over to Wesley for the rest of the year.

This is the first badminton trophy that Dominican College has ever won.

Student Council:

If any enquiry or proposal is requested by the students, it should first be put forward to the class representative to be brought up for discussion with the Council. If any proposal is more urgent, a class representative may approach any member of the Executive Committee at the following locations:

Chairperson- Rachel Quinn: Language lab
Secretary- Amanda Williams O'Brien: Room2
Executives- Amanda Mc Keon: Language lab
Lorna Greene: Career Guidance
Kerrie Whelan: Hall
Ciara Mulhare: Stage

Following a Student Council meeting the Chairperson and Secretary met with Sr. Chanel to discuss proposals and enquiries brought up at the meetings. The minutes of this meeting are then brought back to the Council for further discussion.

Remember, the Student Council is there for YOU, use it.

Sineád Cronin:

Sineád is a Transition Year student and has been involved in all school productions since starting in Dominican College. This year, Sineád was delighted to be playing the part of Eliza Doolittle. Sineád has been singing and dancing at an early age and has studied drama with The Betty-Ann Norton Theatre School. She loved the whole experience of My Fair Lady and had great fun preparing for the role.

This is what Sineád had to say;

"I don't think we realised just how much hard work would go into producing a musical. But in saying that, we've all enjoyed every aspect of producing My Fair Lady. Even though it is hard work, we've had so much fun preparing for our roles. We had lines and songs to learn and accents to pick up, but we all enjoyed the process immensely. It has been, without a doubt, one of the highlights of Transition Year, so far".

Camp Rainbow:

Camp Rainbow was set up in Cernavoda, Romania for local children. To run the camp smoothly, we had to split the children into different groups, depending on age. To do this, we handed out different coloured tee-shirts. There were three groups: yellow for 5-8 years olds, green for 9-11 year olds and blue for 11-15 year olds.

Each day was pretty similar, with us taking each group for one two-hour session. Each group was spilt into two. While one group went outside to play soccer or handball, the other stayed inside to do activities such as painting, board games, play dough and painting the wall mural. They were all so proud of their work and the matches they won.

Finally, if that was not enough for one day, we took a group in the evening to watch videos on the television and video player we brought. We watched The Simpsons, Mr Bean, Golden Eye and Pokemon, all with Romanian subtitles.

It was a tiring week but it was worth it to see the smiles on all the children's faces.

Mind-Bending Puzzles:

Are you quick at unscrambling words? Below are four that are anagrams. That is, the letters can be rearranged to form other words. See how quickly you can unscramble these four:

Wired- Various- Rationalize- Prettiness-
Answers on last page


Green-Schools is an international environmental education programme, designed to promote and acknowledge whole school action for the environment. Green-Schools offers a well-defined, controllable way to take environmental issues from the curriculum and apply them to the day to day running of a school. This process helps students to recognise the importance of environmental issues and take them more seriously in their personal and home lives.

The Green-Schools programme can help schools to:
" Improve the School environment
" Reduce litter and waste
" Reduce fuel bills
" Increase environmental awareness
" Involve the local community
" Gain local publicity
" Create links with other schools in Ireland and abroad
Green-Schools is run by An Taisce in co-operation with Local Authorities throughout Ireland and is sponsored by Coca-Cola Bottlers Ireland Ltd. Green-Schools is an initiative of FEE - Foundation for Environmental Education and is referred to internationally as Eco-Schools. At present there are 23 countries operating the programme in Europe and beyond.
In Ireland there is currently over 1150 Primary and Secondary schools participating in the programme, that's over a quarter of all schools in the country! 150 schools have implemented the programme successfully and have been awarded the Green Flag.
Green-Schools is both a programme and an award scheme. The award is given to schools that successfully complete the Seven Steps of the programme.
Source: http://www.antaisce.org/projects/greenschools.html

Dominican College is currently working on achieving the Green Flag. Since our initial application, we have surveyed staff, students and the Parents' Association, have set up an Environmental Committee, introduced recycling bins, promoted awareness, hosted an environmental exhibition, held competitions, participated in the Close Sellafield Campaign and organised a number of speakers - not bad for a year's work!
In the next year, the Environmental Committee hopes to build on this foundation and achieve its goal of the Green Flag for the school.

Answers: Weird, Saviour, Realization, Persistent.