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Biology is one of the core elements of Science. Biology literally means 'the study of life'. It is the study of organisms, from the smallest viruses through to human beings.

The main topics include:
Animal Physiology: Study of animals and understanding of major body functions. This includes developing a fundamental understanding of how bodies as a whole, as well as tissues and cells, work. These discoveries can lead to information about human health and medical needs.
Biochemistry: Study of the relationship of chemistry and biology. This field includes enzymes, DNA, RNA, molecular biology and gene cloning.
Cell Biology: Study of cell structure, function, and metabolism. Includes the study of cell organelles and cell division.
Microbiology: Study of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. Includes the study of microorganism nature, growth, role in disease, and use in bioengineering.
Plant Biology: Study of plants, botany and biotechnology. Includes identification, classification, life cycles, photosynthesis and tissue types.

Textbook: Leaving Certificate Biology (Revised Edition) by Michael O'Callaghan.

The following books are available from our library:

  • The Irish Wildlife Book.
  • School Projects in Coastal Ecology.
  • Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin.
  • The Private Life of Plants by David Attenborough.
  • Life Study - A Textbook of Biology by D.G. Mackean.
  • Life on Earth by David Attenborough.

Useful Websites
An Online Biology Book

Anatomy Online

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A Glossary of Genetic Terms

BBC Online Educational Services

Scoilnet - Related Links for Biology (Senior Cycle) and curriculum information

Information fact sheets on wildlife and information on the radio programme

Details of human genome research

Video microscopy of living cells, bacteria and 3D biology animation

Nutrition information and experiments

An illustrated guide to the body's major systems


Click the "Know It All" link to download a biology resource collection of powerpoints collected by The Biology Second Level Support Service.




                          Downloadable Material

 Factors affecting  Organisms

 Ecology Introduction  

 Fieldwork Portfolio 

 Ecology Fieldwork  Portfolio 


 Ecology Calculations

Seashore Posters

 Ecology Definitions