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Ping and Pongs' Great Adventure!

Once upon a time in Happy Town Village, there was a big festival on. All the V.I.P's and special Elves, Umpa-Lumpas and Pixies were invited except for The Wicked Witch who lived on the other side of Marshmallow Lake. She was wicked and cruel and was a big meanie! She had formed alliance with Gollum and his evil goblin tribes, therefore nobody liked her because the Goblin tribes kept trying to attack Happy Town Village!

Everyone was enjoying themselves on this fine sunny day, especially Ping and Pong (who were the mischief makers of the town!) They decided to sneak into the bakery and 'fill up' on cakes! While they were inside, they heard a "strange sound!". They grabbed more cakes and rushed outside only to see the Wicked Witch flying away after turning all the Happy Town Villagers into frogs!!!! They were shocked!! After taking a minute to recover from their shock, they decided to take action and find The Wicked Witch and make her turn all the Elves, Umpa-Lumpas and Pixies back to their original state.

So they began the journey to complete their task. They walked through the Enchanted Forest. They were frightened by all the unusual noises, but they were determined to fulfil their task! When they came out of Forest, they headed towards the Lake. While looking for a way to cross it, their friend Ariel emerged out of the sticky, pink, marshmallow goo! She agreed to help them cross the Lake. So Ping and Pong jumped on her back and she swam towards The Wicked Witch's castle on the other side of Marshmallow Lake. As they approached the castle, they saw the goblin army surrounding it! They realised that the only way in, was to compromise with Gollum. They found him, had a long conversation with him and finally agreed to give him The Golden Ring in return for entrance into the evil castle!!

They dashed upstairs and grabbed a big huge bucket and filled it with water. They sneaked up behind The Wicked Witch and threw it over her head!! She screamed and yelled in pain, but it only took her a minute to realise that she was not melting, she was just wet!! At that stage Ping and Pong had grabbed the magic potion she was brewing, the potion that could save everyone in Happy Town Village.
By the time The Witch had ran down the stairs, Ping and Pong were half way across the lake on Ariel's back.

They ran courageously through the Enchanted Forest, they past the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs and straight into Happy Town Village. They gathered all the Elves, Umpa-Lumpas and Pixies together and poured the potion over them. There was a puff of smoke and when the smoke cleared, everyone had turned back to their original state!! They all cheered for Ping and Pong. Today, Ping and Pong work together to protect Happy Town Village against the forces of crime and evil and are mischief makers no more!!

This story was created by:
Denise Ryan and Laura Mc Dunphy.