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Parents' Association

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The role of the Parents’ Association is to:

All parents / guardians of current students of Dominican College are member of the Parents’ Association.

The members are represented by a committee, with elected officers of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Our annual general meeting is held in September or October each year.   At the AGM we invite parents to volunteer to become members of the Parents Association committee.   We always welcome new members and new ideas.

The committee usually meets once a month and the meetings are also attended by Dr. Laffoy (principal).  Being a member of the Parents’ Association is a good way to meet other parents and to demonstrate your interest in your child’s education.   It gives you a better understanding of what is going on in our school.

During the 2015-2016 school year the Parents’ Association

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The introduction of free education in the 1960's created financial difficulties for many secondary schools. However three pioneering parents namely Eileen Caff, Brendan Murphy and Bernie Ryan founded the Dominican College Parents' Association and were responsible for setting up the voluntary contribution scheme in order to maintain the high standard of education enjoyed by its pupils. Although these parents addressed some of the financial difficulties at that time, the principal aims of the Association still remain as:

In 1966, Brendan Murphy became the first chairperson of Dominican College's Parents Association and its dynamic committee paved the way for the committees to come.

Today the working committee comprises of twenty-seven members with a supplementary committee of ten people. The committee organised a quiz night in the school recently and also a very informative and successful talk for parents dealing with adolescent development. A school fundraising walk is currently being organised for the last term of this school year.

The Annual General Meeting takes place in late September. The first meeting of the Association is the first Monday in October and we would welcome any new members who wish to join. 

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