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Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or someone interested to find out about our fine College.

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A library of past events

The Lanthorn, year-book of Dominican College, Eccles Street, first appeared at Christmas 1913. Its name and its role were inspired by the title Lucerna Christi, the 'Lantern of Christ' once given to Saint Dominic: "I illuminate the past…I light up the present…My beams shine into the future". From 1913 to 1971 it appeared every year, recording the activities of the school and reflecting, in articles, news items and poems, contemporary developments, events and ideas affecting not only the school itself but the present and future lives of its pupils. Over a span of more than half a century, the spirit of the school and of the age is faithfully reflected in the pages of The Lanthorn.

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  1. The Spirit of Eccles Street
  2. The First Christmas in Eccles Street
  3. Catherine the Letter-Writer
  4. I Remember Eccles Street
  5. Profiles of the Leaving Certificate Class (1941-42)
  6. My First Dress Dance
  7. Flashes By The Way (1966)
  8. Editorial (1867)
  9. Glimpses of MIssionary Life in South Africa (1967)
  10. Mission Notes From Cape Province (1967)
  11. Flashes By The Way (1967)
  12. Irish Folklore: Myth and Reality
  13. Education in the Eighties
  14. On Being Young in the Nineteen Eighties

Our more recent history:

The 3 Ompah-Lumpahs

Once upon a time there lived 3 Ompah-lumpahs in a far away land called 'Wonka Ville'. They lived in a dusty worn out cottage with their Mummie-Ompah. Their names were Dr. Urkle, Wurkle and Purkle.
Mummie-Ompah was getting tired of picking up after them, cleaning everything they touched and slaving in the kitchen!!

So she told them to get a job and a new cottage! "I won't be around for ever so it's time to move out! You're big enough now. You are 293 and ¾ years old!!". So they packed their bags, said good-bye to Mummie-Ompah and went out in the big world. They all got jobs in the 'Wonka Factory'

They looked every where for that perfect cottage, but it was either too small, too big or it cost too much. So they decided to make their own cottage. They made out the plans, saved up all there money. It took them a while to build it. When it was finished, all could see that it was made a chocolate!! (But little did they know that it would melt with heat!!).

That next morning they went to work and when they came back it was half melted and eaten. They were very upset. That next day they took out a loan and Dr. Urkle and Purkle went to work while Wurkle worked on the cottage. It took 5 days and 8 hours and 7 minutes to complete the cottage. They had finished making ginger-bread cottage. (They should have learnt from the other mistake that you shouldn't make a house out of candy). That night as they went to bed it started to rain heavily, when they woke up the ginger-bread cottage had dissolved. They were left with nothing. So they decided to make a brick cottage. They finally got it right. It was lovely just as they pictured it. They decided to have a cottage warming. They invited their Mummie-Ompah and their boss Mr. Wonka and their new neighbours and all their friends. Every one wanted their cottage like the Ompah's. They left the Wonka factory and made a living out of building cottages. They were very successful. They made loads of money and they lived happily ever after in their cottage…..

The End…..

The Prince to the Rescue

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess and her father in a gigantic castle. One day when three witches were passing by they saw the princess through a window. They were desperate to eat princess because if they didn't they would soon crumble to ashes. The witches used a spell to get past all the guards that were guarding the castle. They broke down the door and ran down the hall to the princess's room. They tied her hands together and put an apple in her mouth so she couldn't speak.

The witches brought the princess to their cottage, deep in the enchanted forest. They untied the princess's hands and tied her to a chair. One of them took out a huge black cauldron and got it ready for the princess to be boiled in it.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, one of the guards had awakened from the witches spell and he alerted the king immediately about the kidnapping of his daughter. The king knew that he was too old to rescue the princess himself so he summoned a prince from another kingdom to rescue her. The prince had to make a long journey through the deep enchanted forest and on his way he encounters a fox who gives him the directions to the witch's cottage. The prince thanks him and continues his on his journey.

Halfway through the prince's epic adventure, he meets a woodcutter out collecting wood for his fire. The prince tells him his story about rescuing the princess and the woodcutter generously gives him his precious axe, and says "You might need this to defeat the umpa lumpas who guard the witch's cottage day and night."

Eventually the prince reaches the witches cottage. He soon spotted by one of the umpa lumpas and they quickly launched into attack. But with one powerful blow of the axe, the prince had chopped the heads off the umpa lumpas.

Just a few moments ago the witches had decided to take a long nap, seeing as they were so tired after kidnapping the princess. The prince crept up to the window and saw that there was no sign of the witches anywhere. So he snuck in the front door and saw the princess boiling in a pot. He lifted her out and untied her. Outside, there was a beautiful white horse waiting to take them back to the castle. The king granted the prince his daughters hand in marriage and they lived happily ever after.

Abigail Kerins
Sarah Truman

Once Upon A Time In Cherry-Ville

Once upon a time there lived a Princess who lived in an amazing town called Cherry-Ville. The Princess was very upset because in two days time it would be her 'sweet sixteenth'. The problem was that on her special day (which happened to be National Cherry Day), her father, the King, arranged for her to be married to the Great Prince of Berry-Ville.

What bothered her was, she was in love with a leprechaun called Paddy, who she met at the edge of Cherry-Ville, near where the world's best cherries in the world were grown. The Princess met him a few days ago. She knew if she told her father he would throw her into the rotten cherries and leave her for death. Since she had met Paddy, she was meeting him in secret daily.

He was a very wealthy leprechaun who had many pots of gold. She brought him a big bunch of cherries in exchange for a pot of gold. Paddy was very pleased with the cherries and she wasn't surprised. She told him that they were the best 'Cherries in the World'. Paddy disagreed. The Princess was disgusted and no longer loved Paddy. He told her to let him take her to where the best cherries in the world really grew.

They took his rainbow to a far away place. It was a very short journey but it was very far away. She tasted the cherries and got very upset at how good the cherries tasted. She knew that no-one from Cherry-Ville could find out about these great cherries, so she decided to come up with a plan…

She thought and thought and finally something came to her.

The only people who knew about these cherries were Paddy and his brother Pat, so in order for no one to find out about the cherries she decided she would have to kill the brothers. She decided to give them a wash…

She got them both by their little tiny feet and threw them into a washing machine. She took his rainbow back to Cherry-Ville as well his gold. When she got back she started to get ready for her wedding! The next day she got married to the Great Prince of Berry-Ville and lived happily ever after.

By Libera Toselli and Caroline Mc Namara

The Icicle Kingdom

Once upon a time in a cold land, far far away was a beautiful enchanted kingdom. Everything in the Kingdom was made of ice, crystal and snow. Upon the highest mountain in the kingdom lived a family of a king named the Ice King, a queen named Iceabell with two children called Prince Isonhour and Princess Snowflakes.

One day the king and queen decided to have a ball. They invited
everyone in the kingdom. When queen Iceabell's sister, the evil ice witch heard that she was not invited she was outraged. So the evil witch decided that she would put a spell on the kingdom. The spell was that in 24 hours the whole kingdom would be melted!

When the Icicle family heard this, they were terrified. Prince Isonhour and princess Snowflakes decided to take it upon themselves to stop the evil ice witch. They knew it would be too hard to do it by themselves so they went to the crystal cave where the ice fairies lived, in need of help. The ice fairies said that they would be glad to help them.

The next night they all crept in to the evil witch's castle while she was asleep. They all tied her up before she woke but when she did she couldn't move. They pulled the witch into their sleigh and went off. About a half an hour later they arrived at the well. The four of them grabbed the witch and pulled her off the sleigh. After the count of three, they threw her down the never ending crystal well. She was never seen again.

The next day the whole kingdom was delighted and threw a second ball to celebrate. They were all free of the evil ice witch and they all lived happily ever after.

The End

By Sarah Doherty and Sinead Kelly