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Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or someone interested to find out about our fine College.

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RTE's Nationwide featuring Margaret Burke Sheridan

Recently RTE's Nationwide tv show featured Margaret Burke Sheridan, one of Dominican College's most famous past pupils. The show features La Sheridan's biographer Anne Chambers.
A link to the show can be found below:

La Sheridan, as she became known to enthusiastic opera fans throughout Europe, was born Margaret Burke Sheridan in the town of Castlebar in Ireland. From 1918 until her sudden retirement from the stage of grand opera in 1930, she gave legendary performances in the great opera houses of La Scala, San Carlo, Rome Opera House, Covent Garden and Monte Carlo.The young Irish soprano captured the ears and hearts of Italian and British audiences and the acclaim of such giants of the operatic world as Puccini and Toscanini. Her artistry was complimented by a vibrant personality which gave her performances a unique quality remarked upon by critics and patrons alike.
She was a pupil in Dominican College, E
ccles Street around the turn of the last century.

Email Your Local TD

Dominican College               
Catholic Secondary School for Girls
Celebrating 125 years of Dominican Education 1883 ~ 2008
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Proposed Education Cuts in Budget 2009

Dear Local Representative,

The proposed cuts in education spending announced in Budget 2009 last week are severe and will impact on the capacity of this school to maintain and develop the quality of teaching and learning offered to our students.

In this school the cut in the general PTR will mean a loss of 2 teachers.

The impact of the loss of 2 teachers on this school will be felt in the following areas:

  • Our class sizes will be larger
  • Some subjects may have to be removed altogether from the curriculum. This may mean a much restricted educational experience for your child.  Subject options at Senior Cycle may have to be restricted
  • It will be difficult to provide separate classes for Higher and Ordinary Level students in key subjects
  • Reduction in language support hours available to provide English Language Support to our newcomer students

The proposal means that we will not be in a position to put a substitute teacher into a class when a teacher is absent on official school business or uncertified sick leave. This will mean that in the absence of a teacher to act as a substitute students may have to be sent home, something which the school will be very slow to do but we may have no choice due to health and safety concerns.

Please use your influence as our Local Representative to oppose these cuts and ensure that our concerns do not materialise.

Yours faithfully,


Maths Week Update

FIRST YEARS                                    SECOND YEARS

1.      Chloe Griffen 1.1                         1.Clare McDonagh 2.3

2.      Kate Geoghegan 1.1                    2. Keira Lynch 2.3

3.      Kayleigh Foran 1.1                      3.Sorcha Flanagan 2.3

4.      Grace Beirne 1.1                         4.Eleanor O’ Brien 2.3

5.      Rebecca Kenna 1.3                     5. Shannen McGettigan 2.3

6.      Hannah Copland 1.3                    6. Cathy Redmond 2.3

7.      Niamh Chambers 1.3                  7. Aishling Smyth 2.3

8.      Rebecca Wyne Walsh 1.3           8. Jessica McLoughlan 2.3

9.      Claire Seery 1.3                          9. Jennifer Toney 2.3

10.     Ashley O’Sullivan 1.3                10. Niamh Keogh 2.3

11.     Carla Morrissey 1.3                    11. Ava Dwyer 2.1

12.     Niamh Witter 1.3                        12. Hazel Gilsenan 2.1

13.     Ellen Stynes 1.3

14.     Sarah Dillon 1.1

15.     Martha Hanley 1.3

16.     Ciara Witter 1.3

17.     Leanne Dunne 1.2

18.     Amy Rennie 1.2


Unfortunately, due to the time constraints and to the big demand for “Snakes and Ladders” , not everyone will be able to play. : ( Four students will play at a time, in pairs. First years and Seconds Years will alternate.

First to the Gym, First to Play!



       You must wear runners

       You cannot eat or drink in the gym.

Maths winners

Maths Competition Winners

Well done to everyone who participated in the activities and competitions during Maths Week 2008.  We hope you enjoyed it!

The winners of the Prism competition are:
Grace Beirne (Junior)
Emma Lynch (Senior)

Winners of the 2nd Year Poster Competition are:
Rachel Bracken
Grace Daly

DCGA Maths Week Online Quiz 2008

DCGA Maths Week Online Quiz 2008


Thank you to all who entered. 

Well done to the following students who had all five answers correct.  
(Please note that entries without the student's name and class in the subject field were disqualified)

Rachel Bracken 2.4
Orla Breen 2.1
Ashley Carroll 2.1
Steph Fagan 4.5
Orla Gartlan 2.1
Nabeeha Moollan 2.2 

There were a few possible correct answers for some of the following.  One possible answer has been given in each case.

Question 1
Your sock drawer contains ten pairs of white socks and ten pairs of black socks. If you're only allowed to take one sock from the drawer at a time and you can't see what colour sock you're taking until you've take it, how many socks do you have to take before you're guaranteed to have at least one matching pair?

Three.  In the worst case, the first two socks taken out will consist of one black and one white sock.  The next sock you take out must be one or the other.

Question 2
A father is four times as old as his son. In twenty years, he'll be twice as old. How old are they now?

The father is 40 and the son is 10.

Question 3
How can you build pig pens so you can put nine pigs in four pens such that each pen has an odd number of pigs?

Build three pens and put three pigs in each.  Then build a fourth pen around the other three.

Question 4
Three people go fishing - two fathers and two sons. How is this possible?

The three people are a grandfather, father and son.

Question 5
How can you express the number 100 using six nines, using whatever Maths symbols you wish and no other digits?

Answer (There were many, many possible answers to this.)
99 + 99/99