Junior Schools Debating Competition

One of the defining characteristics of being human is that we ask questions, a lot of questions! Questions lead to discussion in order to find answers. Discussion can often lead to disagreements and difference of opinion, however it is only by keeping our emotions in check that we can ever hope to find real answers. A debate is the only means to move forward in a situation where ideas clash. A debate is the mature way to discuss ideas - the only way to the truth. And what is more important than seeking the truth? After all, ‘Veritas’ forms the basis of our school ethos here at Dominican College, Griffith Avenue.

A team of our junior students have embarked on an exciting journey with the UCD L&H Society Junior Schools Debating Competition. Thursday 5th October saw them reap the rewards of their hard work over the past number of weeks as they made their way to the Belfield campus for the first round of the competition. Collectively, our Speakers and the Research Teams outshone the majority of other candidates as they fought their way to being placed in second place. I am proud to say that it was a team effort that brought us this victory last week. The overall standard was incredibly high and to come out on top is no mean feat! You were true ambassadors for your school ladies; you should be very proud of this major achievement.

Thank you and congratulations to all, and indeed, to your parents and guardians. Ms. Donohoe (Debating Coach)

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