Philly McMahon Visits TY Classes

On the 17th of May 2016, Philly McMahon came to visit our class. Mr. Costello had invited him to speak us, about his life which was eventful and difficult at different times for him. The main point of his talk was the ‘Half-Time’ which he believes is a point in person’s life at which things change for the better after a significant event. He told us about his struggle of growing up in Ballymun, his entrepreneur experience, his continued education and success in his sports career.

It was a very inspiring talk about mental health as well as life in general. Philly McMahon encouraged us to talk to each other if we have problems and help ourselves and others in the process. This is a very important message which I feel we all benefited from hearing. Philly’s talk was extremely interesting and somehow even better than I had expected. (Caoilinn Devins and Ali Donohoe)

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