Keeping 'Posted' with French

Over the past 9 months, the 3rd year french class students have been exchanging letters with someone even more french than Madame Johnston! The class of 3.2 have been in contact with their French pen-pals from ‘Les Balmettes’ and ‘Raoul Blanchard’ - two French schools in Annecy, in the Alps.

Madame Isaaco is their english teacher and they have been exchanging letters and gifts over the past school year with us. The students are aged 11-12 years and were delighted to share their everyday lives with us…and French grammar!

After many letters and a few cheeky ‘bon-bons’, the exchange sadly came to an end as the 3rd year students are putting their main focus on the Junior Cert. Overall, everyone really enjoyed the experience and the exchanges have opened doors to a possible TY trip?! It really contributed to a positive look on learning a foreign language on both sides and hopefully they can get in contact again once the school year begins.

The class of 3.2 would like to say ‘merci mille fois’ et ‘au revoir’ to you and their foreign friends and of course to Madame Johnston and Dr.Laffoy for making this possible.

Bonnes vacances et bonne chance to all doing exams! (By Sarah McGuiness and Taylor Mooney)