M.F.L. Week 2016 (7th - 11th March)

M.F.L. (Modern Foreign Language) Week is always a very colourful and expressive time for students in Dominican College. It allows them to take part in a range of fun activities, while learning the importance of having a foreign language.

This year the first main activity was exclusive to fourth and fifth year students. A speaker came in from the Euro Languages College Ireland, as well as a representative from Erasmus. They told us how one applies to both programmes, and the benefits of each. At the moment it is possible for us to apply for courses in the Euro Languages College Ireland, as these are similar to the typical Irish Gaeltacht, except you learn a Modern Foreign Language for three weeks. With the Erasmus, it is something that we would link to a university course in the future. Every student gained important information from these talks.

On Tuesday, all the first and second year students gathered together in the hall to learn some flamenco dancing. An experienced dancer came in to teach the girls some moves! Later on in the day 5th and 6th year students were shown a film in the language they are studying. It was a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon for all involved.

The deadline for the annual M.F.L. poster competition was on Wednesday. This year’s theme was to represent an idiom in picture form. The overall winner was Joyce Escabarte, with her representation of ‘Ein Sturm in Wasserglas’. There was also a whole school event on, during the last class on Wednesday. Each teacher had a Powerpoint with 6 rounds of questions based on European languages and culture. It was a great way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!

The TYs helped to paint everyone’s faces in the colours of Germany, France and Spain on Thursday morning. For lunchtime they set up stands displaying native foods of these countries, so that the students could sample them. The second years got peckish, but Frau Quinn kept them in line until their turn!

As well as all these brilliantly planned activities throughout the week, there was lots more fun to be had in each individual language class as well. Sings were sung, games were played, and most importantly, languages were learnt!

Vielen Dank! Merci! and Gracias! to all the M.F.L. teachers whose hard work made the week so enjoyable for all ☺