YEOTY Award Project Titles 2016

We would like to wish the best of luck to the Second Year students who have entered The Young Economists of the Year. Below is a list of their project titles. We know that they will have learned a great deal in their preparation for the competition.


TAXES: Where do they go?

The understaffing of nurses

Great Depression vs Global Recession

The Economics of Compost

The Economics of Advertising on Social Media

Can You Afford The Cost of Children?

Shopping Local: How does it affect the Irish economy and
Irish farmers?

The Impact of removing one and two cent coins in Ireland

How do Youtubers earn income?

Should Ireland impose a sugar tax?

Business Income and Budgeting

The cost of 2015 floods to Ireland

Irish Taxes

Income and Expenditure in the Household

Banking Institutions and Making Payments

Effects on Ireland if Britain Leave the E.U.

Business on Fleek

Should Ireland Impose a Sugar Tax?

The £1916 Rising

The Cost of Education

Economics and Technology? – It’s Debatable

Multinationals and their Tax Avoidance