Mini Med Week 2008

Two of our students were lucky enough to partake in the Mini Med Week 2008. Here is an account of that week from Ciara Horan.

The Mini Med Week took place between the 28th of January and 1st of February. The week was divided between the Royal College of Surgeons, St. Stevens Green and Beaumont Hospital. The week consisted of a number of lectures and practical sessions that showed us different areas of the medical profession. We had a lecture from the State Pathologist, Dr. Marie Cassidy where she discussed crime scene investigation in Ireland. We had other lectures on breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, broken bones, advanced trauma, kidney failure, diabetes, cardiovascular surgery and tropical diseases.

Another new experience we had was seeing a live surgery. Prof. Arnold Hill performed laparoscopic or keyhole surgery on one of his patients who needed her gall bladder removed. We watched the patient's surgery through the camera in the patient's abdomen. The week was a really good experience.

I learnt a huge amount and got a great insight into medicine as a career.