Strictly Ballroom Prize Winners

Congratulations to all the TY students who participated in the TY event in The Helix.  It was a most enjoyable night for the dancers, stage crew and audience.  A night to remember!

The winners of the various categories are listed below:
1st: Fiona Barry & Adrian Dimla (4.1)
2nd: Ciara Sherlock & David Maguiness (4.3)
3rd: Evelyn Spellacy & Adam Casey (4.4)
Beginners Latin American:
1st: Hannah McInerney & David Maguiness (4.2)
2nd: Jennifer O Connor & Fintan Murphy (4.1)
3rd: Jennifer Maguire & Jordan Logue (4.3)
Advanced Latin American:
1st: Fiona Barry & Adrian Dimla (4.1)
2nd: Emma Hanley & Stephen Traynor (4.4)
3rd: Ciara Sherlock & David Maguiness (4.3)
1st: Emma Hanley & Stephen Traynor (4.4)
2nd: Victoria McCormac & Declan Patton (4.2)
3rd: Deidre Woods & Stephen Power (4.2)
1st: Jennifer Maguire & Jordan Logue (4.3)
2nd: Sarah Clinton & Aidan McDonald (4.2)
3rd: Emma Flynn & Sean Lynch (4.1) Fiona Barry & Niamh O Brien (4.1)