State Examinations Changes for 2008

Leaving Cert students will face less writing in the first few days of their exams next year following agreement to revise the timetable for the State Exams. Minister for Education and Science Mary Hanafin T.D., today said that the “new revised timetable is the most significant and student centred reform of the exams timetable in decades.”
Outlining how the new look timetable will benefit Leaving Cert exam students, Minister Hanafin said “no longer will the first few days of the exams be an endurance test for our students. In fact, virtually every student will get a half day or two over the first few days of the exams under the new agreed revised timetable. Those students taking both exams on the first day will see the time spent in the exam hall shortened by 50 minutes, compared with recent years when the two English papers were taken.
While exams are always a test and an acceptable level of stress is a normal part of any testing procedure, I think the new timetable is very student friendly. The new mix of concentrated writing papers with mathematical or scientific papers is a direct response to the students who themselves told me that reform was required.” The new look timetable, which will be in schools from the start of December, will see:-
Day 1 - Wednesday 4th June English Paper 1 & Home Economics (Social & Sc)
Day 2 – Thursday 5th June – English Paper 2 & Chemistry
Day 3 – Friday 6th June - Mathematics Paper 1 & Geography
Day 4 – Monday 9th June – Mathematics Paper 2 & Irish Paper 1/Aural
Day 5 – Tuesday 10th June – Irish Paper 2 & Business
Day 6 – Wednesday 11th June – French & History
Day 7 - Thursday 12th June – Biology & Art (History & Appreciation)
(Day 8 – Day 11 along lines of previous year’s timetable.)
There are also a number of minor amendments to the Junior Cert timetable, necessary to ensure there is a smooth running of exams for both sets of students.