Friendship Week 2007

Rationale of Dominican College Friendship Week (Sept 24th – Sept 28th, 2007)

• To educate people about bullying and how to avoid it and/or deal with it.
• To reinforce the fact that we have a policy in place and what it includes.
• To promote an atmosphere of respect and tolerance amongst the school community.
• To provide an opportunity for the students to ‘bond’ in a fun way.

Last year, all year groups had daily lessons. It was agreed that this year we focus mainly on 1st, 3rd and 5th Years but that everyone would have a ‘refresher’ session. The lessons this year incorporate material from last year’s programme (The Cool School Programme) and suggestions from both teacher and student evaluation forms handed in after last year's programme.

What is The Cool School Programme?
The Cool School Programme is an anti-bullying programme for second level schools currently being developed by a multi-disciplinary team in the North Eastern Health Board region. The Programme was initiated because it was identified that many children have experienced emotional and behavioural problems as a result of bullying in school. 

The aim of the programme is to examine the extent of bullying in the region, and to support the development of an effective anti-bullying policy in each post-primary school. In this context the Cool School Programme is operating in compliance with Department of Education (and Science) Guidelines on Countering Bullying in Primary and Post-Primary Schools (1993). 

The components of the programme include: consultation with schools; administration of a pupil survey; whole school policy development; teacher training, and the support of a Therapy group for victims of bullying. In addition, comprehensive materials development has been initiated and this includes Teachers booklets, a Parents Booklet, Video production, and Curriculum Development.

Pictures from throughout the day can be found on our Gallery.

Friendship Week Programme