Green News - January 2007

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Welcome to the Environmental Committee's January edition of GREEN NEWS! As you will see below it has been a very busy and productive time for us. Thanks to you all for your co-operation and support!

Ms. Delaney's 1st year Religion Class participated in an environmental awareness poster competition. This was based on the work that they had covered in class. The standard of the entries was extremely high and it was very difficult to decide on winners. The winners were as follows:

1st: Sinéad Bergin 2nd: Laura Booth 3rd: Naoise Hennessey

Congratulations to all who entered! You can see some of their work on the walls around the school.

On December 13th, class 3.2 visited ENFO on St. Andrew's Street as part of their C.S.P.E Action Project. ENFO offers a number of free facilities to the public including the largest environmental library in Europe. They also provide posters and leaflets on many environmental issues.

Some of the tips they picked up on the day:

THE WINTER SALE (January 24):
As Christmas can be a time of extravagance, January can also be a time of huge waste. This year's transition years have decided to recycle as much as possible of any unwanted Christmas presents etc. that we may have lying around at home. They have organised a "Winter Sale" to take place on 24 January. Not only will this give everybody a chance to de-clutter, it will also mean that we are recycling a huge number of goods. It is hoped that the proceeds of this sale will go to charities on the north side of the city. So a big thank you in advance to all of you for your participation in this project and particular thanks to Sr. Christina and the fourth year students for organising this very worthwhile event!

As part of the "Young Environmentalist Awards", Kirsty and Hazel Egan carried out a survey of the traffic on Griffith Ave., on a December week-day morning, from 8.15 to 8.30. To do this they placed themselves at the junction between the Swords Road and Griffith Ave. During these 15 minutes an enormous number of vehicles used Griffith Ave. They carried out the same survey in January to see if the effects (if any) of the opening of the Port Tunnel. The results make for interesting reading!

Traffic towards town Traffic towards Port Tunnel


HGVs 14 26
Trucks/Vans 16 15
Buses 9 9
Cars 131 144
Bikes 9 3
Motorbikes 12 2
TOTAL 191 199

So in 15 minutes a staggering 390 vehicles passed by!!


HGVs 0 1
Trucks/Vans 17 21
Buses 6 15
Cars 133 171
Bikes 15  
Motorbikes 16 3
TOTAL 187 212

So while the total number of vehicles did not change much due to the opening of the Dublin Port Tunnel, we certainly have far fewer HGVs on the road outside our school these days!!

With a view to completing their "Young Environmentalist Award" members of the Environmental Committee will be organising a number of events in the coming month. So watch out for our "Energy Awareness Week" as well as our "Healthy Eating Week".

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