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Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or someone interested to find out about our fine College.

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Walk in my Shoes

During Friendship Week all students and staff were asked to wear two different shoes to show empathy towards each other. We might only be able to see the tip of the iceberg when somebody else is going through a hard time and “walk in my shoes” is a nice reminder of this.

We also had a new competition to decorate a pair of shoes. This was a great success. We had 19 entries and prizes included Schuh vouchers, Penney’s vouchers and a free lunch from the school shop for all participants.

All shoe entries are still exhibited on the trolleys in the corridor outside the Library.

Ms Moran and Mrs Kealy

See below two of the winners. (Elsye Pierce (2.4) and Ellen Quigley (1.4))

EPierce Copy   EQuigley Copy

M.F.L. Talk for Fourth and Fifth Year Students

On Thursday the 29th of September, everyone in 4th and 5th year were lucky enough to listen to a talk about all the opportunities we have to learn languages outside the classroom, and even outside the country.

We heard from two fantastic speakers. Firstly, Neasa Candon, who graduated from Dominican's only three years ago, told us all about her gap year in Konstanz in Germany before beginning her time at Trinity College. She shared a lot of valuable advice and addressed a lot of the apprehensions we could have about going abroad, from fluency to leaving behind our friends and family. She told us all about how she improved her German, and also met some of her closest friends during her time in Germany and how the time away from school helped her to grow.

Then next we heard from Conor from Stein Study, an organisation for learning languages abroad. He told us about all the opportunities they offer for transition year and fifth year students to do group trips and leaving cert prep courses across Europe to develop their fluency. He also gave us some really useful leaflets so we can look over all that Stein Study offer.

There were so many opportunities that I'd never thought about before, such as being a teaching assistant in English classes and doing an Erasmus year. Everyone really enjoyed listening to the stories and advice and I think we all benefited from it. (Jessica Dunne, 5.3)

First Year German (1.4)

On 8 September 2016 two visiting teachers, Christina Strube and Bianca Hofmann from Passau, Germany came to visit Dominican College. They are English teachers in the Gymnasium Pfarrkirchen Passau, which is a German secondary school.

They gave us a presentation on the city of Passau and showed us a video on school life in Germany. We learnt many new things and some of the most interesting facts were that when children start school they are given a cone-shaped bag filled with school stationery and delicious treats (we wish we were German!). This cone is called a Schultüte.

Another fact is that in Germany you are only allowed to cut your lawn before 1pm on a Saturday and not at all on a Sunday (thank God we are not German!). This is because Sunday is regarded as a day of rest where people have no disruption (so no lie-ins on a Saturday!). Shops generally remain shut on a Sunday as well.

We also learned that three main German rivers flow through Passau: the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz. Each river appears a different colour at their confluence. The world's largest church organ can be found in the catherdral in Passau.

This was a great learning experience for us and we now have a better understanding of German school life and the city of Passau.

By Molly Barrett and Aifric Mangan

Germanteachers Copy

Enrolment for Evening Study 2016-17

Supervised evening study is a facility provided to allow students to study in a quiet environment for two hours after school. It provides students with an atmosphere similar to that of an exam and many students find this very useful in their studying. Click here for more information on how to enrol.

Analysis of LC Results 2016

The following table compares Dominican College's results with the national statistics. They show our school in a very positive light.

Points Scale Dominican College - %  Ireland (as per CAO statistics 2016)  - %
600+  2.63 0.3
 500-599  26.32  9.6
 400-499  41.23  25.5
300-399 15.79 26.1
200-299 11.4 17.9
100-199 2.63 12.1
Less than 100 0 8.5